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Brakocevic – “Baku here I come!”

After two amazing seasons in Istanbul, Jovana Brakočević will move to Azerbaijan to play for Azeryol and to be part of the next dream team.



Another title with Vakif, how do you feel?

“I’m delighted with the success we achieved this season. I’m proud of us because we managed to withstand big pressure and bring another title to Vakif. We proved that despite everything we are a great team.”

How did Galatasaray series affected you?

“It was a valuable lesson that woke us up and gave us a sense of urgency that gave us strength to beat our rivals in a title competition”

Will you stay in Vakif?

“No, time has come to say goodbye.”

Do you know your next destination?

“Of course. Next season I will play for Azeryol Baku and I’m really looking forward to it!”


Source: www.worldofvolley.com