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Sanja Starovic sign for Turkish Besiktas

Six seasons is Sanja Starović wore jersey Use of Baku, and from year to year, had an obligation to my team-mates to win trophies.
For those local, there is no more place in the club showcases, and will remain only regret, as the best club of Azerbaijan did not feel the sweetness of winning the European title.

Sanja Starovic in Besiktas
– This will remain the desire of leading people in the club and the heart they want to one day fulfill their dreams – says Sanja, who last season was the captain of the club.

Her departure, the Rabita, with the new-old coach Dejan Brđović, there is still only one Serb – Natasa Krsmanovic.

– Once we were five, just in the year when the Brđović led the team and we played in the Champions League final. Now that our Sara herself to defend the honor of Serbian volleyball and I’m sure it will be successful, as so far – says Sanja.

And your new environment is Besiktas in Istanbul?

– Even during the season, Besiktas coach Adnan Kistak was interested in me and to tell you the truth, I was not much debated in the election of the new environment. Istanbul is a beautiful city, we will have something more peaceful season without European commitments. Last season the club took seventh place, and our goal is to at least position more.

Just to give you the opportunity to come and Čitaković Vesna Djurisic?

– Yeah, she’s on the wish list of leaders Besiktas. However, her situation is a bit more complex. However, I hope that Vesna accept the offer and that we, as used in Uzice, will again be the club friend – said Starović.

Source: www.zurnal.rs