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“Police has a very good team” said Veljkovic

On Monday Chemik Police has presented the roster for the next season. One of the new names is Serbian middle blocker, Stefana Veljković. In an interview for local media she explained why she has decided to sign for the Polish champion and revealed her expectations.

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First of all the Polish league is one of the best in Europe. Also, very good volleyball players are playing in this team, including ex and present national playersof Poland. Club also has an excellent coach and his staff. Besides that, from my Serbian colleagues, I know that the club has a very high level of organization. In such conditions, you can fight for success. That’s why I’m here.” said Stefana Veljković who has considered many arguments when she received a proposal to play in Poland for the national champion and the winner of the Polish Cup.

Have you ever played with any of those Polish volleyball players who are in Police?

Personally, I did not. But I hope that I’ll get to know them quickly. So far, we know each other only from the court, when we stood on opposite sides of the net in the matches of national teams. In this way I met Agnieszka Bednarek, Anna Werblińską. I know, of course, Malgorzata Glinka, but I heard that it is not certain that she will be part of our team in the new season.”

Club has big goals to achieve in the coming season. Do you think that the new team can cope with the pressure and be able to meet the expectations?

Without a doubt, this is a very good team. To reach success you need also the right attitude, the spirit of victory. If we do not have this, then we can not take national trophies this season; But, I am optimistic. i believe that even we have a chance to fight for the glory in the Champions League. We are all dreaming about that.”


Source: www.worldofvolley.com