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Seven new players in Impel Wroclaw

For the next season in composition of Impel Wroclaw was only five athletes: Magdalena Buckwheat, Joanna Drake, Catherine Behnke, Agnieszka Kąkolewska and Monika Martalek. Recently four domestic players joined the team: Anita Kwiatkowska, Anna Grejman and Agata Sawicka and four girls from abroad. Considerable reinforcement should be a German setter: Denise Hanke (last season Eczacıbaşı Vitra) and middle blocker Berit Kauffeldt (formerly Imoco Volley ). Impel Wroclaw  also expect big reinforcements in Croatian Mira Topic and Hana Cutura.

Mira Topic-news

 Impel Wroclaw squad for league season 2014/2015:

Setters: Magdalena Buckwheat , Denise Hanke .

Opposite: Joanna Drake , Anita Kwiatkowska .

Outside hitter: Catherine Behnke , Anna Grejman , Hana Cutura , Mira Topic .

Middle: Agnieszka Kąkolewska , Monika Martałek , Berit Kauffeldt .

Libero: Agata Sawicka .

Source: http://www.sportowefakty.pl/